Interpreting is oral translating or carrying the original meaning across to another language, which can be delivered either simultaneously or consecutively. We can also provide the complete equipment, including the interpretation booths. Translat can provide interpreters for various business meetings, conferences, legal meetings, symposiums and other meet-ups with foreign business partners.

Since interpretation is an extremely demanding activity, which requires extensive mental effort, whereby the orator must be listened to and translation delivered at the same time, we always ask our clients to provide as much information about the subject as possible well in advance. Namely, the interpreter cannot consult dictionaries while translating and also cannot correct any mishaps subsequently. This means the sentences must be well structured and the adequate terminology used right off the top of the translator’s head.

If you are in need of experienced and reliable interpreters with exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills please call our phone number or contact us at and we will set up an informative meeting.

Where we interpret

Our interpreters can be present at:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Symposiums
  • Corporate gatherings with partners
  • Lectures
  • Visits of foreign delegates etc.

Call us. We will make sure that your communication is as smooth as possible.